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Tank Level Monitors

currently, the iSeries is the only tank montor we carry, as it is the only one approved by the US Coast Guard.


iSeriesThe iSeries Tank Systems Monitor provides hastle free tank monitoring for your RV or boat. The iSeries is patented technology with Level Alert ™. It is the ONLY tank monitor tested and approved by the United States Coast Guard. It is NMMA Certified using ABYC® standards. Other tank probes often become corroded or clogged with materials. This sends false signals to the Panel. Sensors on the iSeries system mount externally and actually read through the tank wall. It is perfect for new projects or for replacing your old tank monitoring system.

* Fully Programmable for up to 4 regular and 4 LP tanks. Can be customized for 8 regular tanks.
* Alarms at High or Low settings
* Live Tech Help for installation
* This kit has exterior moda sensors for 3 tanks. Additional Moda Sensor Kits Available.
* Monitors Battery Voltage as well.

The Marine version lists for $234.00 (has marine environment hardened circuit board) on sale while Voyagesolar overstock lasts for $217.00 with FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states USA.

Features & Benefits of the iSeries Tank Monitoring System:

Click here to see a short video on the features & benefits of the iSeries Tank Monitoring System

iSeries Installation Guide Videos:


Part 1 - Installation of the panel and sensors

Part 2 - Set-up and calibration of the panel


Part 1 - Installation of the panel and sensors

Part 2 - Set-up and calibration of the panel

Windows Media Player:

Part 1 - Installation of the panel and sensors

Part 2 - Set-up and calibration of the panel




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